New Cleaning Service in McKinney

Announcing New Commercial 

Cleaning Service !

Commercial Kitchen & Restaurant Deep Cleaning

The cleanliness of your commercial kitchen is crucial to your 
restaurant's success. Strict health-code laws require extremely
high levels of cleanliness in order to avoid violations.  Let I Clean Kitchens deep clean your restaurant while  you and your staff focus on running a successful business. We serve Collin County or 15-20 miles of McKinney, TX

At I Clean Kitchens, our technicians are equipped with hot pressure washers, extractor vacuums, steam cleaners and elbow grease. We can move large prep tables and equipment to clean areas that haven't been cleaned in years. With these tools and expertise, our team is ready to tackle any commercial kitchen deep clean.

We also clean and details outdoor kitchens , BBQ grills and home kitchens. And any venue that have kitchens such as churches 

Call or Text 972-994-1660 for a free evaluation and quote! 

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